Effectively Using Twitter to Find a Job 

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Effectively Using Twitter to Find a Job 

We can’t say this enough – using social media to find work is finding the balance between propriety, brevity, and creativity; especially with a service such as Twitter that offers an extremely limited space for a status update.

The Internet is replete with stories of people finding jobs through their social media and Twitter networks, so obviously, it can be done. Having a positive attitude helps.

The first rule is “keep it short.”

The second rule is to use strategy and maximize the scope of Twitter’s reach for your benefit.

A simple “How To” and other job search resources for using Twitter:

  • Connect with recruiters online – You can find recruiters in your industry via TweepSearch, a site that indexes Twitter profiles. A simple search by us yielded over 11,000 results, so remember to be specific.
  • Sites such as TheTalentBuzz.com recommend following Twitter profiles like @JobAngels, @JobShouts and even TwitHire to find and post leads regarding jobs.
  • Follow Miriam Salpeter of @keppie_careers (who has been mentioned on Forbes.com) especially to gain insights and helpful tips for social media jobs and training.
  • Mashble.com has an exhaustive list of Twitter profiles by industry, job type, and region.

Contact our recruiters and find out how we can help.

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